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Development and maintenance of quality systems, avoiding additional investments and delays for the customer are the main guidelines when it comes to software development.

From understanding the project to its implementation, our team relies on agile and modern methodologies, in addition to exclusive metrics, designed to make processes more effective and efficient.

Profits Consulting develops specific projects and applications in hybrid platform environments, ensuring quality and meeting deadlines.

Coherent Project Analysis

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Project management


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Project management consists of the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that are indispensable for achieving the objectives.

It is the discipline used to define and carry out the work in the shortest time, at the lowest cost, rationalizing the use of resources, keeping project risk at the lowest possible level.

Several factors influence the success of a project, whatever its area of application, however, successful projects are those that have good planning, good monitoring and a leader at the height of the levels of complexity.

Systems Integration

It consists of bringing together technologies, methodologies, equipment and intelligence, aiming to guarantee the full functionality of the organization’s business needs.

In globalized environments like the current ones, collaboration between partners is fundamental for business growth, with this increasing the pressure in the areas, for the coherent expansion of processes and systems, oriented to partners and end customers.

has a team of professionals with business and application knowledge, who facilitate the transformation of processes into technological solutions. It offers security in this critical line of relationship with the information technology market.

Technology Consulting

Strategic Information Planning

It aims to answer three basic questions:

1) Where are we?

2) Where do we want to go?

3) And how will we go?

It must always occur before any major definition of adoption of new technologies or implementation of integrated management systems, as it will define the information needs.

Profits Consulting analyzes the environment and the segment of companies, in order to adapt, perfect and optimize information technology processes to business objectives, allowing greater competitiveness for its clients.

Diagnosis and Technological Direction

It aims to diagnose the technology infrastructure, the available information and the functionality of existing applications, systems and software.

It is also necessary to analyze its limitations, both from a technological point of view as well as from a process and personnel point of view.

The final product of the diagnosis and technological direction consists of the elaboration of a report with the conclusions of the technical evaluation and the plan for implementing the suggested recommendations.

Finally, Profits Consulting evaluates the organization’s current situation in terms of information system and needs, defining an action plan for implementing the indicated solution.

Selection of Corporate Solutions

The market demands cost reduction and business competitiveness.

One of the technological alternatives adopted is the ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Integrated Management Systems.

However, enterprise software involves different functional capabilities.

The selection of a management system adherent to the organization becomes fundamental for the success of its implementation.

Aligning technological requirements to its clients’ objectives, Profits aims to facilitate the flow of information in your company, integrating processes between different areas.

Internet Presence

Profits Consulting seeks to offer its customers a level of service that allows, in an effective and efficient way, to provide a result that meets their expectations, with regard to the inclusion and maintenance of their business in the "big network":

Construction and
Revitalization of Websites
Social Media

Construction and
Revitalization of websites

Using the web as a platform for socialization and interaction between users, thanks to the creation of websites in a collaborative environment with content in video, audio and text formats, fundamental in terms of focused interface, ease of use, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methodology, content distribution via social media channels and a robust search system within them.

Digital Content

The construction of a new website provides the management service, supported by the implementation of a content management system CMS (Content Management System), which can be based on commodity market platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) or developed specifically for the contracted project.

Electronic Document
Management and Workflow

E-CLIC is a software developed by Profits that allows the intelligent management of documents throughout their entire life cycle. In addition to being a tool entirely via the web, it can be customized according to the company's demand, ensuring the management of documents and information anywhere, at the desired time.

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